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About ImpactSteps:

Welcome! I’m Mitchell, the founder of ImpactSteps. When people find out I’m a shoe guy, they almost always say:

“I bet you own a 100 pair of shoes”

The answer – less than 20 pairs.

Seriously. But it’s only because I’ve donated and recycled all my mediocre and ill-fitting footwear. All that I have left are what I consider the best of the best. And they run the gamut:

  • Long-lasting dress shoes that don’t cost an arm & leg;
  • A heavy-duty safety toed boot that also feels unusually comfortable;
  • Slip on shoes with the the thickest padding you’ve ever seen; etc, etc, etc.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey. Especially since I have arch problems coupled with weak ankles and bad knees.

It took countless hours of trying them on. Endless returned packages. And weeks of scouring the internet. There are nuggets of invaluable information out there, but it’s often buried under a ton of sponsored junk.

Back then, what I really needed was an authority. A real voice. Somewhere that could guide me to the right footwear for my specific needs. Not a generic shoe site pretending that the world is only made up people with perfect arches and ridiculously healthy legs.

I made ImpactSteps to be the resource that I never had. A resource to find perfect footwear for imperfect feet. My hopes are that it’ll help you lead a more comfortable, healthier, and long-lived foot life. Welcome all!

Goal #1 - Perfect Footwear for Imperfect Feet

How I create Content:

New brown dress shoes

I only publish content that I’m completely proud of. That means all articles will be extremely informative and applicable – no fluff.  From time-to-time I’ll use freelance writers to help me put together articles. But rest assured, nothing gets published without a green-light from me – the chief editor. This helps to keep published information accurate and something you can rely on when making a purchasing decision.

As much as we (my writers and I) would love to get our hands on all the items in our blog, to provide real-life experiences, it’s not always possible for us to do so. In these cases we rely on extensive online feedback from real customers of these items. Don’t worry! We spend a ton of time researching online, visiting our local stores, and talking to footwear staff. This way, we’ll know about all items that might be of interest to you.

Lacing up steel toe boots

Basically, this is a long-winded way for us to say that we want ImpactSteps to be a place you can trust. Not one of those sites that gives glowing reviews because of their behind the scene ties to sponsoring brands. The next time you’re in the market for footwear we hope the content on ImpactSteps will help you make a better informed decision.

Goal #2 - Publish Helpful Content

Small Steps lead to Big Impact:

What if you could make your shoes last longer? By a week. Ten percent. Whatever it might be.

Adopted on a global scale and a small figure like this could really start to add up. Think about the potential resources, energy, and waste saved on each level of production. You’d save resources across the entire supply chain. On raw materials. Packaging. Even on energy spent transporting. It could turn into mind boggling figures.

And that’s only on the manufacturing side.

What if good footwear habits led to other benefits like healthier legs? Better joints? There would be less time spent at the doctors office. Money spent on healthcare would drop too. But most importantly, day-to-day you’d lead a better quality life.

Unfortunately, there’s still a ton of footwear knowledge missing from the public mind.

At ImpactSteps we want to help fill this gap. We know that proper footwear care & habits lead to a better life. Healthier and more comfortable living for you. And a cleaner and less wasteful environment for rest of the world. We still have a long ways to go. But little by little we hope to help shape a better future for all of us.

Goal #3 - Teach Proper Footwear Care

Who's this Site For:

To boil it down – we provide sound footwear advice based on real customer experiences. Not based on commercial ties or on sales pages.

You’ll feel right at home, if you:

  • Have special considerations when picking a shoe – plantar fasciitis, flat-feet, over-pronation, under-pronation, bad knees, high arches, etc.
  • Need advice on picking shoes for a specific case – standing all day, composite toe, steel toe, job specific (electric, roofing, welding, etc).
  • Are looking to find the proper walking or running shoes for your situation.
  • Want to better care for and extend the life of your footwear (shoes, boots, etc).

If any of these sounds like you, you’re going to love our articles. Start reading away by clicking on any of our articles!


Founder & Editor at ImpactSteps